Wisconsin Horsemen’s News Article

“How does your cell phone work?  You can talk to Taiwan from here and there’s no cord.  This space actually is not empty – it’s full – and there’s energy in everything.”

Mary starts a session by thanking her co-healers in the spirit world and sets the intention for physical, emotional and spiritual alignment.  Instead of focusing on the problem, she opens her heart and gives appreciation for what is going right.  “That energy can create worlds!”

She often thinks of kayaking and how the experience nurtures all her senses in order to get centered.  Next she connects with the animal through a picture.  “I can feel the animal immediately because they want to get better – they usually don’t carry the fears that hinder people.”

In its most simple form, sending the vibration of love and appreciation creates healing.  “Energy work is a great way to accelerate healing.”

Each time Mary worked with this cat, he would improve, only to backslide days later.  When this happens there often is a piece missing in the overall picture of the illness.  She goes on to explain why this happens.  “Sometimes we mirror each other.”  In this case, the cat was trying to encourage the owner to make some personal changes.

As Mary’s feet lithely swing to the floor and she scoots to the edge of her seat she reveals, “Once that was brought to light and the owner began having healing sessions with me around some emotional concerns, the cat was better.”

Mary’s youthful spirit in her work did not come gracefully.  As a child she loved animals and nature.  “I would talk to the trees, talk to the clouds, collect rocks, sit with the chickens and love them.  I could feel them.”

A wild, wounded bird at her feet would receive salve and bandages.  “I didn’t understand that me loving them did more than salve and ointment.”

“I would spend hours in a tree.  I’d find ones that would hold me like a chair or bed and I’d fall asleep.”  Her eyes glisten at the memory, “They took care of me.  It was important to have quiet places where I would feel supported.

Being intuitive I could hear the thoughts of my family and others and it became confusing.  They would respond with words and at the same time I’d hear their thoughts.  It was too much.  I didn’t understand intuition at age seven so I shut it off.”

Shortly thereafter Mary became very ill.  “I wasn’t fulfilling my life’s purpose and when we choose not to do what we come here to do then difficulty can result.  The energy started piling on me to where it manifested into illness – and I got a lot of them!”

At her lowest point on eleven different medications and afraid to leave her house, Mary asked for guidance.  “What can I do that I said I would never do – ever – that would put all these fears in perspective?”

She got a resounding, shocking answer in the form of a voice in her ear that she would jump solo out of a plane. She decided to go for it so she took the day-long training and soon found herself standing at the plane’s edge wrapped in a parachute and filled with horror.

Free falling from the plane and clawing at the air to try to return to the safety of the aircraft, Mary blacked out.  “I left my body and it was the most peaceful feeling I’d ever known.  Could that maybe be like death and what am I so afraid of?

I was so sick and tired of being sick and tired – I felt dead anyway.”  And just when she thought she couldn’t get any sicker, a routine checkup told her differently.

When Mary’s doctor informed her of the necessity of a twelfth medication, she was equally enraged and beholden by the news.  She wanted to get better but being sick was serving her well, or so she thought.

“There was a part of me that was being fed by being sick.  I got attention, sick days at work, sympathy.  I began to realize illness isn’t what I was told it was – I started thinking there might be emotional components to it.

My illnesses helped me get better and reconnect with my gifts when I began to ask the illness like a friend ‘what information do you have for me?’”

Through a series of synchronistic events, Mary attended a year long course at Windemere Institute of Healing Arts in Decorah Iowa where she learned several healing modalities and began her own journey back to health.

When she was well enough to start practicing energy healing, her first guinea pig was a friend of hers.  After only one session of Mary’s hands on her friend’s body, “Her hip pain went away immediately.”

Another client was a woman with a large pressure sore on her tailbone, incontinence, a drop foot and a huge knee from an injury that occurred 35 years earlier.  After three sessions the foot improved, the knee was normal, the pressure sore was nearly gone and the incontinence stopped.

“I saw a picture in my mind’s eye of a hand embracing the bladder and turning it.”  Since then, Mary has worked with thousands of people and animals.

She has had great success with three separate cases of the mysterious head-shaking syndrome in horses.  Two of them were relieved of the syndrome after three sessions and the third improved significantly.

A debilitating torn suspensory ligament is certain death for a horse but Mary was able to heal this particular creature back to a useful life.  Even a hummingbird in Costa Rica was blessed with healing from Mary in order to fly again.

A voice in her childhood ears from a spirit guide: “You’re going to heal the world and you’ll heal it with love,” is now a message manifest in Mary’s life and business Healing Energies, LLC.  A life of personal inquiry allows her to maintain a constitution of compassion.

“I do whatever it takes to stay in alignment – even if it scares me.  On the other side of that is more freedom.  Let fear and anger be your guide.”

Diane Ludeking is a freelance writer living near Madison with her husband, two cats, dog and two horses.