When Problems are Answered Prayers in Disguise

I want to take you on a tour of my home today. But I want you to know, that this is no ordinary home. This is a magical home, because this home was an answer to my prayer. Not only because it was my dream home. Because when I walked into it, the moment I stepped into it at the open house, I knew it was meant for me. That night, when I was sleeping I had a dream. In the dream, I was already living in this house. I knew where every piece of furniture was going to go, I knew what was in every drawer and every closet. This house was meant for me. And it was also meant for me, and magical, in another way. And here’s the story.

About 18 months ago, I found a board on the side of my house that was rotten. It was squishy and all full of moisture – not a good sign. So I take the board off and as I’m hammering a new board in, carpenter ants start coming out. I know that is not a good sign. Any homeowner, any contractor, you know that trouble is brewing within those walls. Holes where chipmunks were getting in – it was like a chipmunk condominium once we opened that up. And there were squirrels in the attic. Contractors were amazed that the roof was still standing. In eight critical areas they didn’t know why the house was still here.

Now, you may feel sorry for me, you think, “Oh, poor Mary.” No. Actually, it was an answer to my prayer. I didn’t know it at the time, but not too long before this all happened, probably about 2 years ago, I remember very clearly saying a prayer. Because even though I do this work with clients, I help people and animals and they heal their bodies from incredible things that they’ve been told were impossible to heal. And even though I healed myself – I was on 11 medications and my body was full of illnesses and I was dying. Even with all that, there was a part of me that still felt incapable, that didn’t feel good enough, I felt like a failure.

And this is why I’m wearing this beautiful ratty shirt today for this video. Because I’ve worn this shirt, these pants full of holes and paint and house stain. I saved my home from blood, sweat and tears. Literally blood sweat and tears! There were times I would think, “Oh I’ve got the perimeter of my home totally solidified, there’s nothing that can get in.” Then I’d find another chipmunk hole. I ripped off decks, I ripped off siding, I gutted the interior of my home, taking off cedar siding that was on the interior walls, drywall, insulation, I rewired, I put ceiling lights up. I really learned a lot.

Many days I just sat on the dirt out here and cried because I thought, “I just can’t take another step. I can’t do this anymore.” It was breaking me apart. And the beauty of being broken apart is that the old stuff can ooze out and then light can shine in. And that’s what happened.

No longer do I feel incapable; no longer do I feel inferior or a failure – because my home answered a prayer. Find in your life, too if there’s a prayer that you’re putting out, an intention that you’re putting out, you will find the universe lining up to help you. You know when we want courage, it’s not just given to us on a silver platter. We’re given a situation or an experience that’s challenging where we gain courage. If we want to feel good enough, if we don’t want to feel like a failure, we will get a beautiful home or a person or a situation to line up to help us.

Focusing on the positives, what you gain, I gained a house that will take care of me that is so much more energy efficient that no critter can get into. It is like Fort Knox around here! I wouldn’t change a moment of it. Because out of this whole experience, I found myself, I found my strength; I found even more compassion, especially for myself. And I found out I’m an amazing woman. These tools are not for men only. There’s nothing on the side of the package that says you must have X amount of testosterone to run this tool. It doesn’t matter – you’re capable.

My magical home and I thank you for joining us and until next time, take care and be well.



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