“You are a miracle worker! On Saturday, I took Kev in for a blood draw. Previously, his liver enzyme count was over 800, which is way off the chart. I thought I was going to lose him. Thanks to you, it is now down to 18, which is within the normal levels. The vet is thrilled and so am I! Thank you for all that you have done for him.” — Mattie F.

“Mary’s gentleness, compassion, humility and love create a safe space for the incredibly powerful healing energy that comes through her hands. She receives visions that provide insights to the root causes of the problem. I felt my heart open under her loving touch. I recommend her highly.”
Marcia A. Phillips
Intuitive Healer, Life Coach, Teacher, Massage Therapist, and Author

Asia Voight
Asia Voight

“I have complete faith in Mary’s healing abilities with people and animals! After one session, the pain that had been in my hip for a year was gone. She then worked on my horse, who had a very sore lump on his shoulder. One session… gone!”
Asia Voight
Professional Animal Communicator

“Thanks Mary for your emails. Your Spanish is very good! Your words translated into Spanish from English are perfect… We see Quennie [dog experiencing cushings] being more awake, attentive to everything, and less swollen… in a word, with more energy. Thanks for making Quennie happier! A hug.”
Maria Eugenia
Santiago de Chile


“My experience with Mary Lelle has been an amazing adventure. My beloved dog Casey’s story begins over two years ago when he had surgery for anal gland cancer; it recurred six months later. I contacted Mary Lelle and instantly noticed the relief from pain he had on a day Casey had a healing session with Mary. Casey had a renewed energy and enthusiasm for life.”
Trauta Benner

“I was in the hospital for five weeks with a big bed sore that was not healing, and I was in extreme pain. After working with Mary, within two weeks my bed sore healed. For 35 years, I had a large bulge on my knee from an old injury – after one session, the knee swelling disappeared. I am walking, and after four months in the nursing home, I am going home next week! I feel that Mary helped my faith, and I now know miracles do happen.”


“Hi Mary, Sending you several new pictures of Feepy. I hope they make you smile as much as they have made us smile. She is wagging much more often and we can tell she is freer of many burdens. You have helped her so very much and really given us all more time to be together which we so appreciate and warmly thank you. With kindness and peace.”
Andrea & Anne

“Thank you, Mary, from the bottom of my heart for helping me with my horses. Sparky had a check ligament, and Bling had a severe suspensory and check ligament injury. Bling is about 90% back to normal which is great for a horse they said would never trot sound, be ridden or jump again. They have done what no vet thought they would ever do. I even took a jumping lesson on Sparky last week and he was wonderful and is perfectly sound and comfortable.”
Forest, Bling, and Sparky

“Szello [horse] is high energy again, wanting to trot all over the
hay field and eating heartily!!! Super!!!”
Ann Veilleux
Social Worker


You have shown me proof of what I felt in my heart and soul – and I’m so enjoying every minute. My birds have enriched my life immeasurably and it means more than I can say knowing I am making their lives better with your help. I view Fred [bird] as a lifelong companion, and our relationship is much better.”
Julie (& Fred)

“When Mary began sessions for Cleo [cat], she had great difficulty breathing, would sneeze and sniffle all the time, and found herself a very grumpy cat. Now Cleo has no trouble breathing and acts like a young and happy cat again.”
Jane Thomas, Author

“He [dog] is so much better, and happier too. I tell him every day how much we love him, and how proud I am of him for working so hard to make himself better! He is truly a unique and a VERY special friend! And thank you so much for all your hard work to help him! You don’t know how much I appreciate it, and truly believe in what you do!”
Nancy Bloom

Callie’s [cat] illness is 80% better – she feels so much better, she feels so pretty now. She wants to have Mary work with her more (and me). It makes her cry – it feels so wonderful!
She said she is so grateful for us all that she is getting better.”
Ken and Pat Saiki

Augen, the Crazy Dog

“I just wanted to write to tell you THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping us with Augen’s [dog] foot. We had him re-x-rayed and the bone deformity is completely gone and the vets don’t know why (I didn’t tell them I had a healing done)!! I just can’t thank you enough for us not having to cut off his toe! Take care & God Bless.”
Laura Lee Lotto & Augen the crazy dog!
Dog Trainer

“My horse Harley suffered a severe head trauma three years ago and as a result he had a bad case of headshaking that was not able to be cured through regular veterinary work. Endless amounts of chiropractic adjustments and veterinary evaluations left Harley with this mysterious condition. After only a few sessions with Mary, the headshaking is almost gone! Our rides were so much more enjoyable and you could see the change in Harley… he was just overall a lot happier, and still is to this day.”
Taylor Noble, Green Bay, WI

“Pryor [horse] and I want to thank you from the bottom of our collective heart for your work with us. I can always tell when you’ve worked with him. I also wanted to let you know that his coughing is much better. His sinus issues are him mirroring something that’s going on in my own body, which he is trying to help me heal. I never would have had the chance to know about your wonderful work if it weren’t for him!”
Laura & Pryor

“Thank you for the great session yesterday. I could really feel you connect in and clear my heart, throat and third chakra. It really helped.”
Pam Schuler


“I really want to thank you for all you have done for me. After we talked I went for a run and thought a lot about what we talked about and it was interesting to watch my breathing at the same time, when I thought about the things that really bothered me, I couldn’t catch my breath and had to stop running. Then when I thought about the things that really made me happy my breathing was perfect. It’s amazing to see what kind of power our mind has over our body.

“Murphy [horse] and I couldn’t jump anymore because he’d plow through the jumps like he wasn’t seeing them. He also became very dull and lifeless, like he’d “checked out. Two days after Murphy’s session, I had a different horse! He snorted at things he’s never paid attention to, like he was seeing them for the first time. The biggest thing is I now have a horse with wonderful, positive energy, he feels great. I can’t wait to do more with Mary!!!”
Anke J and Murphy

“Achilles [horse] is picking up his front left with NO issues at all!!! Second, he did great at the show, so great that we won our riding class!!!! This is truly amazing what you are doing with him and I owe you a HUGE thank you!!! He is more relaxed, not yet calm but very much more relaxed!! Let me know what your schedule looks like and we can set something up.”

“Thanks Mary!! Louie [cat] seems to still be doing well. Eating and drinking lots and picking on his brother. Thanks for all you do!”
Becki Ziolek, IT Analyst

Barb and Brahmi

“Mary, Brahmi [horse] is amazing!!! In the past she stood in a hay pile and didn’t move all day. She has become so much more social the past month since you have taken away so much negative past she has carried. My heart was overwhelmed seeing her canter across the ridge and then turn a corner heading straight up with three horses following her. I have told everyone! about the work you do. I hope more people benefit from your gift.”
Barb Riffle,
Equine Massage Therapist and Energy Healer

“I had sharp pain in the bladder area, my right ankle, and right side of my foot was hurting (it had been getting worse to walk and put weight on it.) I also had pain in my left arm. While you were sending me healing energy, I could feel energy flowing through me. At the end all my pains were gone and I was able to stand and walk with no pain in my right foot. You have a wonderful gift thank you for sharing. Love, Light and Abundance.”

“Spike [horse] is doing really well. He seems to enjoy trotting now. He only wanted to canter and only at one pace, but now he will move out and seems much happier. Thank you so much for helping. I know he is more relieved as am I. Thanks again for all your help. I have recommended you to a few other people!”

“I wish I had a good picture of the absent look in Dakota’s [horse] eyes when I got her and the light in her eyes now…she could be a poster child for ‘Never Give Up.’ Even the splits in both her front hooves are completely gone. It is clear that her whole being is healing from the inside out! I just smile every day when I see her now. Thank you,  Mary.”
Leslie & Dakota

Harry Potter

“Thank you so very much Mary. There were a few days early last week he just wasn’t himself and was awful far away and then after your treatment he seemed much more grounded and peaceful. Then within 48hr he was back to his springy little extended trot. I truly appreciate your notes on his treatment and am full of gratitude for his angelic healing team, of which you are one. Potter [dog] has been absolutely fantastic! The difference was obvious and remarkable!
Patty Glover, DVM, CVSMT, CVA

“Thank you so much Mary. We are so amazed by Poohshok’s recovery and are so grateful to you for the healing. He means everything to us. He is family. We look forward to speaking to you soon!”

“Thank You Mary for all you give and share with me. You have helped me more than you know. Just getting this simple and important message lightens my day immediately. So thanks and a big smile and good vibes back to you too! Have a great and beautiful day, week, till I see you again! Thanks, I’m grateful and lucky to have connected with you.”


“Chester [dog] saw his ophthalmologist today, and she couldn’t detect that his lenses were off center at all. I thought to myself, good ‘ol Mary!
You strengthened the ligaments in his eyes and now he is passing his eye exams with flying colors.”
Jody and Chester, The Caped Wonder