Nature’s Pathways Article

People and animals, including injured wild ones always seem to gravitate toward me. Once when I was at a garage sale I heard, “help me!”

There was a bird at my feet – a grackle with an injured eye that let me pick it up. Over time, there were many injured gophers, birds and mice.

Nancy: That’s amazing! Growing up with this intuitive ability, did you ever think it odd?

Mary: At first it felt natural, but when I’d share things with my family, like what my dog Penny said, they’d tease me. I knew then that not everyone could hear these voices, so I kept it to myself.

That was a very sad and confusing time for me for many years. I eventually shut it off in order to survive. I mean, I could even hear and feel peoples’ thoughts and emotions. After I had shut off my gift, for years I had depression and manifested a lot of illnesses.

There were times I couldn’t get out of bed. My cat, Brianna, would ‘scream’ at me and knock things off my headboard onto my head to get me up.

Nancy: I’ve always felt that our animals are like angels on Earth to help us heal and to teach us love. Your story proves that. Can you describe the energy work you do?

Mary: I call it “Transformational Intuitive Energy Healing.” I’ve learned many modalities and I use whichever one I am guided to at the time. Beyond this, though, because of all the illnesses I used to experience, and then healed myself from them, I have a very deep belief system that we are healthy at our core.

When I am with clients, I look beyond their symptoms and see them in their healed state. I don’t try to make anyone well, I see who they really are and draw them toward themselves.

Nancy: That’s true healing… ‘A Course in Miracles’ in a nutshell. What miracles have you seen happen?

Mary: One of my clients was a woman in a nursing home. She’d been incontinent for 25 years; had a very deep and painful pressure sore that was not healing, she had a drop foot, and she had injured her knee 35 years earlier which had been extremely swollen since. I worked with her seven times.

Her incontinence went away, her knee went back to its normal size, her drop foot improved dramatically and her pressure sore completely healed. She was able to leave the nursing home.

I also worked with a dog that wasn’t able to walk because of a progressive neurological disease. After three sessions, he was walking again.

Another dog didn’t want to be petted. He would shy away when someone reached for him. During his session, I saw little circle-shaped objects under his skin that disappeared.

Later, when talking with his owner, she told me he had been shot with a BB gun! While the BBs remained in him, the emotional charge left and he now loves to be petted!

A few diabetic clients have been able to decrease their insulin significantly. One gentleman is about to go off his insulin completely.

A lot of my clients have been to doctors (or vets), who say there’s no hope, but I believe there always is. Everything is made of energy; you, me, the trees, Fido. Illness or injury has a lower energy or vibration. Healing energy has a higher vibration. Something of a lower vibration cannot live in a higher vibrational environment.

Nancy: You’re speaking my language! In feng shui, we also understand that everything is energy. The work I do involves moving the energy through the environment to create change and healing for the inhabitants of the space.

Mary: I worked with a woman with fibromyalgia who was in pain. After one session, her pain was gone, but it returned later. So, part of my job is to help people shift their patterns of thought that created the illness/pain in the first place. That’s where true healing happens.

Sometimes I move the energy. Sometimes I simply let it flow and let it do the work. I believe that this energy has its own intelligence. Our higher selves, angels, guides know what to do. In a nutshell, our bodies naturally want to be in a state of health.

Nancy: In closing, do the animals have a message for us?

Mary: They want us to slow down and live in the moment – to “follow our bliss”, as Author Joseph Campbell said.

Nancy: Thank you, I really appreciate your healing work.

Mary: Thank you, this was fun!

Nancy Freier is a professionally-trained Essential Feng Shui consultant. Her passion is helping people find their path to living a happier, more fulfilling life.