How to Heal with the Power of Your Beliefs Video

I believe in the Power of your voice. And I believe that you have a unique message to share with the world. And I also believe that you have the ability to stay healthy – to heal your own body. And to help your animal companions stay healthy too.

Now my story began sitting in a doctor’s office and being told I didn’t long to live. My skin was grey, my organs were shutting down, my immune system was gone, and I barely had enough energy to brush my teeth. Now sitting there – it gives a person perspective. You start examining your life wondering where you got off track. How did that happen? How could I be sitting there in that chair and hear that news? So I began to examine my life looking at my patterns – things I kept doing over and over again. Because what I was doing wasn’t working.

I was trying to do what the doctors told me. I kept getting sicker and sicker. Each time I went into the office I would be given another medication. Until finally I was on 11 daily prescriptions and my body was shutting down filled with illnesses.

So I thought, What can I do differently? And I started changing things bit by bit.

Changing my language.
Changing how I thought about things.

Changing my thoughts and beliefs about life…

My thoughts and beliefs about myself.

I realized that illness started-it started growing in my body – when I was playing small. And I set an intention; from that moment on I was going to find my authentic power in every way, shape, and form.

And I learned that we can heal ourselves. Within 9 months I was off every one of the 11 medications. And every illness that had been in my body was gone. And you may say “Mary, its you – you’re special!” What I realized is that every client that I work with can heal. From things like stroke having scar tissue in the brain disappear – the brain becoming healthy again. Bones regenerating. Kidney disease going away.

There is nothing that can grow in your body that cannot disappear when you line up with who you are. I believe in you. And my job is to help you tap into that. I don’t want you to be a headstone in a cemetery. I don’t want that to be your legacy alone. I want you to share your gifts in the world because it benefits us all. It benefits us all. And having your voice go out like a flickering light won’t serve anyone of us. And it won’t serve you, your family, your community, or the world.

I believe in your ability to heal your body and your life. I believe in you.

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