How to Find Joy in the Simple Things


I don’t know if you can see the windows on my truck here, but they’re pretty dirty and let’s look at the hood, it should be nice and shiny and it’s pretty grubby. It sits outside of my house during the summer months so that I have plenty of room for my kayaks and bicycles and the cart that my little dog sits in when I pull her behind my bike. There are a lot of things in there that I need for these months. Now, a car wash is great for cleaning things and it also brings me joy. So what little things do you do in your life that bring you joy. For me, it’s going through a car wash and I love, it may sound silly, but I love going in, turning the vehicle off and just going into a state of meditation. And one of my greatest joys is when I’m in the car wash and I get the colored soap, that suds that flies onto the vehicle. It’s like purples and blues and greens. Now I don’t know if this one has it, but we’re going to see.

A lot of people think that joy needs to be something that’s a really big thing. It’s an event that’s planned well out in advance. And for me, it can be the little tiniest things that bring me joy, that get me back into alignment again. So this is one of the ways. I’m not sure if this is going to be the rainbow-colored soap or not, but I bought the ultimate wash which is $8 and it says it’s tri-color foam bath so I’m keeping my fingers crossed here folks that it is the rainbow color. And we will find out here in just a moment.

Okay, pulling forward. I don’t know why, this just brings me so much happiness! Alright, something’s happening. YAY! It’s the rainbow colors! This makes me so happy! What little things in life tickle your funny bone? You know, make you happy, give you peace?

Another thing I do with very simple events like this, just like the vehicle is getting clean and old dust, dirt and grime are leaving it, I use this moment to do healing on myself. I imagine that as the vehicle is getting clean, I’m getting clean. And then watching all that old stuff go down the drain.

And one of my favorite things – here we go to the dryer!

And there we go, clean as a whistle and ready for the day!

So remember, what little things in your life can you do to change your energy? Where can you find joy and how in those events can you use that experience to help change your life and your energy in that moment to uplift you, to get you started right for the day.

Alright, we will see you next time with more energy tips. This is Mary Lelle signing off!

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