How Language Can Heal Your Body

Welcome, my name is Mary Lelle. I’m an Energy Medicine Specialist and I work with people and animals and I help them shift things in their lives so that they can heal. And one of the greatest ways of shifting things is language. What words do you choose? Language is a very powerful thing. The words that we pick, the words that we choose, the words and phrases that we repeat over and over really affect our lives and I want you to look at that even more.

People who are powerful – and I’m not saying people who have power over someone else, that try to control someone else. I’m talking about authentic power. Being proud, being grateful that they’re graceful, they keep really thinking of the words that they choose to describe themselves – what they do, their job, and their career. So, our language can put us in a very high and elevated place or it can drag us down. It can make us heavy and I want to teach you, show you, about the energy of the words we choose.

My story was about sitting in my doctor’s office and being told that I had weeks, maybe months to live. I was sitting there, my energy was so low I didn’t have energy to brush my teeth. I had a constant fever that wouldn’t go away, I could barely walk, to get to the bathroom I had to lean against the wall taking step by step by step. My organs were shutting down and I was dying.

And part of the language – I mean it’s pretty, it’s kind of funny now, it wasn’t so funny then. I remember thinking that I was just told that I was dying – I really thought I was lazy. I know it’s really funny now – not funny then! I remember thinking “I thought I was lazy!” Because I was taught I had this work ethic like you wouldn’t believe! My father said, that he bragged to neighbors and relatives, “My kids are the hardest workers!” And I wanted so much to be that! I wanted so much to be that. And so I thought that the fact that I didn’t get up and do work, that I was missing work, that I was staying home, I wasn’t dusting, I wasn’t doing some of those things around the house, that I was lazy. Because the words I chose to describe myself were:

I’m not capable.
I’m not good enough.
I’m a failure.

And so, what a relief to find out I’m not lazy! I’m not lazy! So I started to switch my language. Maybe I didn’t believe it at first – in fact I didn’t believe it at first. I still thought I was incapable. I still thought I was a failure. But I started to choose and dabble with different words. And part of the healing process was starting to choose different words and describe what was happening in my body.

Because before I would have said “I am sick.” What do you notice about that sentence? I didn’t notice it either. ‘Am’ – I am sick. Really I was telling myself I am illness, that’s who I am. I am tired. And I was describing things as, “Oh yeah, you know my cancer? You know my autoimmune disease?” All these mean we are taking ownership. It’s defining who we are. So try this, use this word. (Write the word Experience vertically on the board, misspelling it) I know, it’s a little like that, however, that aside… Did I even spell it right? I didn’t even spell it right. (writes it again, this time spelling it correctly) Here. Ah! There we go! There!

Experience. I’m experiencing illness. I’m experiencing tiredness. It makes it a temporary condition. It’s no longer ownership. It’s a temporary condition and that means it can leave. I remember when I was so sick, my best friend said this to me, “Stop taking ownership, it’s not you.” And when we shift our language and just feel that in our body, “I am tired” – boom, heavy. It’s in you. When I experience fatigue and tiredness it means I get a good nap and I’m good to go! It doesn’t put a roadblock in front of you. These are like boulders in front of you. How difficult is it to a move a boulder? When we experience something there’s hope in there. There’s no longer something that is in me that cannot leave.

When the medical community switches simple things like that, I believe there’s going to be a huge breakthrough in healings. When we are given hope we are shown that it’s a temporary condition in your body or your life or whatever it is. It can be illness or anything. It can be that job that you’re not thrilled about. Just try that out. Feel that again. Close your eyes. “I am tired.” Feel that. Feel where you feel that in your body. Now say “I’m experiencing tiredness.” I’m experiencing tiredness, that even – when I did that, when I go, “I am tired” phoom, it’s almost like this dome. It’s like my belief and everything gets encased. There is no hope to switch it. When I say I’m experiencing tiredness, my brain actually goes like this. (puts hands on head and expands them out to the sides) It’s going maybe if I get some sleep, maybe if I cut back on the hours at work, maybe if I put myself first on my calendar before I give to my family, my children, my boss – I’m going to put myself first. So that’s what happens when we shift. It creates an opening, an expansion for more healing, for more information, for more wisdom to come on what you can do to shift.

I know you can do it. I’m thrilled to be able to share this and I want to share more information with you. Because I don’t want you to be – it’s happened too many times – I’m sorry (chokes up) – too many times in my life. I don’t want you to be that tombstone – that headstone in the cemetery. We’ve lost too many people and I don’t want to lose you. Could have been me. It could have been me. And I am so grateful that I learned what I did so that I can share it with you so that you don’t have to go through what I did. You don’t have to go through what other people are going through. It’s your chance to be great.

I love you. I’m so grateful you joined me. Be well.

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