Healing Transformation of Dogs Magnus and Otto

As told by Magnus and Otto’s person, Jen

Magnus and Otto were just dragging. They had very little life left in them. They both were diagnosed with illnesses. Magnus with congestive heart failure and Otto with diabetes and then he developed cataracts with the diabetes, went blind and also developed mitro-valve disease. So the two of them were in rough shape. They were dragging, they were depressed, just not playful, had very low energy when I went on walks with them. They were far behind me and sometimes I had to pick them up and carry them. We went on very short walks if we went at all. It was incredibly sad, it was incredibly heartbreaking and I really didn’t feel like they had a lot of time left in general.

But since we’ve been working with Mary, she’s been absolutely wonderful and the boys are completely different dogs. They have energy, they have new vitality, they are exuberant and joyful and playful and they love going on walks, they like going further on walks. They try to drag me further and further and they pull me on the leash rather than walking behind me and they’re hilarious. Sometimes I have to jog to keep up with them. It’s like they’re puppies again. People ask me on the street how old are they and they can’t believe they’re 11 years old. The most interesting thing is the vet is completely dumbfounded. She has no idea how they’ve made such a complete change in their health and vitality. On Magnus’ last report card from the vet she wrote AMAZING in all caps. She can’t believe the change in him, she can’t believe how he’s just a different dog completely – a healthy, happy, energetic, joyful dog that has done incredibly well. And that’s not the dog he was a year ago.

One of the new things that I do with the boys that we weren’t able to do before is go to parks now and I take them off leash and they get to run free and it is just so delightful to see these two running around crazy, completely feeling wonderful, having fun. You can see the smile on their faces. It’s just adorable. That’s something they haven’t done in years. It’s been really fun to see them. It’s like they’re puppies again.



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