Healing Through Emotional Expression

Welcome! My name is Mary Lelle, and I’m an Energy Medicine Specialist. I work with people and animals and help them heal their bodies and transform their lives through Energy Healing.

Emotion – it’s a very charged subject, isn’t it? As little girls and women we’re taught that we need to be nurturing, soft, and soft spoken. And never raise our voices or stand our ground or feel anger, right? And as men, it’s okay to be loud and boisterous and be mad and tell someone that – stand your ground. But it’s not okay to be soft and nurturing. And the problem with that is Emotions are meant to move. Let’s break that word down.

• E stands for energy
• Motion – Energy in Motion

So, yes, our emotions are supposed to move. And when they don’t, they get stuck in our body.

My story: One day I’m sitting in the doctor’s office. She looks at me and tells me “Mary, you don’t have long to live, maybe a few weeks, a few months.” And I was devastated. How did this happen? How did I get in such a place that I’m sitting there dying? My skin was grey. My cells were not carrying oxygen anymore. My body was filled with viruses, fungus, bacteria because my organs were shutting down. I was dying. I’m literally dying sitting there. I didn’t even have enough energy to brush my teeth anymore.

The constant fever – I’m wondering…
How did this happen?
My dreams are just going to die with me.
I’m not going to be that person whose visions I saw. Those dreams and goals I had as a youngster are not going to happen!

So, as I’m sitting there I’m beginning to wonder and starting to put the pieces together. Because I didn’t understand how emotions can heal. And they so CAN! And I’m so excited to tell you because I know that you or someone you know it may be a spouse, maybe you, it may be an animal…People are dying around us and it doesn’t have to be, if we just get in touch with our emotions.

So I’m sitting there starting to feel a little excited. It was the most energy I could feel in my body in months. Because one thing I felt was anger. And it stirred something up in me.
Whoa! What was that!? I hadn’t felt that part of my body move or be alive in a long time. And I started to see when I was willing to shift my emotions, not live in anger, but feel it and let it move out of my body.

So I’m going to teach you how to get some energy moving in your body, okay? Now, one thing we forget is to breathe. (slowly inhales) I just want you to feel that. Breathe. Close your eyes. Go ahead and breathe. Tune in to the sensation of the breath in your body. Feel your cooler air as you breathe in and warmer air as you breathe out. (slowly exhales) Good. Just take a moment and feel that. It brings you to an inward focus. Let go of the outside world and you have an inward focus.

And now, think of something that makes you sad. Feel that in your body. Feel the heaviness. Now breathe, just feel the fullness of that feeling, of that sadness. Let yourself feel everything. It’s okay if tears start coming down your cheeks. It’s alright. Let that come out. Keep breathing fully in and out while you’re feeling the emotion. Within about seven seconds or so you’ll feel a little lighter. So go ahead, try again. Feel that sadness, breathe in and out, breathe through your belly; okay, like you have a balloon in your belly that you’re filling up. And within about seven seconds you’ll feel lighter. You can practice it with anger, frustration, okay?

That gets the energy moving because when we – it’s not moving – let’s say you’ve felt anger about something for a long time. It could be from your childhood, right? Every time we revisit that in our mind we add more of that energy of the anger in our body. If we aren’t breathing while we are feeling it, it gets stuck inside, okay? So, as that keeps building every time we feel it, it’s like throwing a little bit more gunk on our body. A little bit more until what was once energy in our bodies becomes thicker, denser, and becomes mass. It becomes illness or a condition. It can become a bad back or it can be a bad knee, it doesn’t matter. I really believe that one of the biggest answers that can heal every illness is letting our emotions move.

Every time we do, our energy expands – gets bigger and bigger and bigger and higher and higher and higher until our energy is higher than the energy of illness – whatever that is. I remember sitting in my apartment one day. I had experienced depression for almost forty years and I thought, “Everything I’m doing, nothing is working and I still feel horrible! My body still aches. I still can barely move!”

But I kept moving forward. I kept switching and switching. I kept practicing over and over and over until one day I woke up. It was the weirdest thing, I woke up and I started smiling and I thought, “What is that?”

I really hadn’t felt joy for over forty years and that is sad! What I realized that was happening is that every time I was working on this, it was shifting my energy. It was lifting it up until finally my energy was higher than that of depression. That’s how it works!

I’m so excited to teach you more. Go to my website at www.MaryLelle.com enter your e-mail address and name and you will receive more and more wonderful tips and tools on how you can shift. I know you can do it. I thought I couldn’t and I did! The clients that I work with when they do this and do the work – they shift! Things they were told could not leave their body have left their bodies. That’s what a miracle is! The miracle is in your hands – are you willing to do it? I know you can do it.

It’s been a pleasure. It’s been a sincere pleasure. I love you. I’m proud of you. You are amazing. Be well.


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