Sessions for People

man on mountain About Sessions

Each type of session is gentle and powerful to bring health and balance back into your life. You may chose either Distance or In-Person Healing Sessions.

Once your session begins, relax, close your eyes, slow your breathing and allow the Healing Energy to flow through you.

Mary makes an energetic connection with your spirit body and sets the intention that this session is in your highest good. She sets this intention because it’s not always in someone’s highest good to heal at this time. There may be an opportunity to learn something that is offered through the experience of illness.

Mary connects with your spirit body and uses Energy Healing to help you release areas where there may be stuck or dense energy.

These areas are what cause physical, emotional and spiritual issues. Energy Healing gets these congested areas moving again bringing balance back to the body.

Symptoms are usually relieved or disappear completely. Chronic conditions may require more frequent sessions in the beginning, then decreasing frequency as symptoms improve. At end of life, Energy Healing gives a person comfort in their final days and can help with their transitioning process.


Types of Sessions and Prices

In-Person Sessions:1 Hour – $147 Experience your healing session in a spa-like setting nestled in the woods.

Distance Sessions: 1 Hour – $97
Time and distance don’t matter, therefore distance healing is perfect for those who live far away or are unable to visit Mary’s office.

You will not be on the phone with Mary during the session, however you and she will be in contact by phone, voicemail, or email afterwards.
1 Hour includes:
• 45 minute Energy Healing session
• 15 minute follow-up communication. By phone and voicemail: Begins 45 minutes after start of session. By email: Within 48 hours of session. (for example, if you choose a follow-up by phone call and the session begins at 10:00 am, Mary will call you at 10:45)
• If you are unable to talk at this time, she will leave a voicemail report

Getting the Most out of Your Healing

  • Find a quiet, comfortable place to relax
  • Gently close your eyes, breathing softly and deeply
  • Feel yourself fully supported by the surface below you
  • State your Healing Intentions and then simply let them go. No need to keep focusing on them as Source Energy knows what is best for you.
  • Breathe, Allow, and Receive
  • You may feel tingling sensations or warmth as energy moves through your body
  • You may see colors or images
  • You may become so relaxed that you fall asleep
  • Rest assured that if you do fall asleep, you will still receive
  • Know that your healing request has been received
  • Breathe that in and let this Healing Energy integrate into your body
  • Take a deep, exhilarating breath, slowly opening your eyes, smiling and yawning
  • Acknowledge the important work you did today and do something good for yourself
  • You may wish to journal following your experience
  • Be sure to drink plenty of water


Additional Consult Time – $30 / 15 minutes

Sometimes it’s important to talk with Mary beyond the time allotted or you may have more questions. Additional consult time is any guidance or consult beyond the time included in the session follow-up. Contact Mary to set up an appointment.

Emergencies – $30 extra

As much as we do not like to think about it, emergencies do happen. In such cases this fee will be added to the price of the session. Please contact Mary to see if she has space available for your request.

Benefits of Energy Healing

Energy Healing is helpful for healing conditions that are physical, emotional, and spiritual. Benefits may include:
Spiritual awakening and alignment

  • Enhanced energy and vitality
  • Knowing one’s life purpose
  • Improved relationships
  • Ease through life’s transitions
  • Release energies of overwhelm, fear, anxiety, depression
  • Reduced stress
  • Physical health
  • Release old patterns and past life patterns
  • Relaxation and improved sleep
  • Focus and motivation
  • Balanced chakras

See complete list of Benefits of Energy Healing 

As a gentle and non-invasive healing method, these energies do not interfere with medical treatments. Instead they enhance these treatments, promoting faster recovery time and reducing or eliminating the need for medications.

Healing Reactions

Occasionally after a session you may experience a healing reaction. In the process of healing, toxins are released from the body causing symptoms that feel similar to the old condition, or emotional issue, but in a diminished form.

Recognize that a healing reaction typically lasts only a couple of days and is confirmation that toxins are being released. Be comforted knowing that the old is leaving and making room for the new and improved you.

More about healing reactions and what to do if they occur


Please give at least 48 hours notice in advance of the scheduled appointment to avoid being charged the full session fee.