About Energy Healing

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Being healthy and happy is our natural state of being. Sometimes we just need help letting that part of ourselves shine through again. Energy Medicine is a gentle yet powerful way to bring balance back to our lives.

Our DNA does not control our health. Instead, our thoughts and beliefs control our DNA creating energetic patterns within our bodies. They can either make us sick, tired and unhappy; or healthy, vibrant and happy depending on what we think about.

We can heal our bodies from anything if we are willing to change and let go of these old energies, thoughts and beliefs. We don’t have to be 100% willing to change. We just have to be willing to start and in that moment our cells begin healing.

With Energy Healing we release the energetic patterns of resistance in our lives and our life force begins to flow. Changes can be subtle or may be profound resulting in what some call miracles. Our cells can actually get younger! Now who wouldn’t love that!

Everything Is Made Of Energy

We are much more than our physical body. There is a life force that flows within us, through us and around us.

Everything that exists is made of energy that vibrates at different speeds. This energy can be solid – people, animals, trees, rocks, water – or non-solid like radio waves, light, and our thoughts and beliefs.

If a doctor tells us we only have six weeks to live and we believe them, this is usually what happens. However, if we change our thoughts and even toy with the possibility that we can heal, in that moment our vibration rises and healing begins to happen. What are your beliefs and what do you think about? What do you vibrate every day?

What is disease?

Disease is not what we have been taught to believe. It isn’t something that attacks us out of nowhere. It’s a bunch of particles that were created by our thoughts, our worries, our anger, or any other emotions that we’ve held in. These accumulate in our bodies, and if we don’t change our ways they can accumulate even more becoming denser resulting in illness.

How is illness created? We may have had something happen to us when we were younger and in that moment created a thought or belief like, “I’m not good enough” or “I can’t trust anyone.” We may have been angry or hurt and it was unsafe or unacceptable to express our emotions so we held them in.

Those old thoughts, beliefs and unexpressed emotions are actually particles that keep building up over the years in the energy centers of our body known as chakras, and can later manifest into illness, pain or injury.

Through a combination of Energy Healing, intention (Mary knows her clients can heal because she healed herself from numerous illnesses), and awareness, and providing clients with tools for change, they are able to go from a state of dis-ease to health.

What Is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is a natural healing method, a holistic way to heal and balance our bodies and emotions. This loving energy naturally dissolves those areas within that have been keeping us unbalanced.

The vibration of illness, pain and hopelessness is slow and heavy. The vibration of Energy Healing is very high. Energy Medicine or Energy Healing along with changing our thoughts and beliefs raises our vibration, therefore, illness and all unwanted conditions cannot survive in this high energy. This isn’t a pie in the sky idea. This is physics and will work the same for you as it has for Mary’s other clients!

Changing our old thoughts and beliefs is an integral part of healing. Mary has had clients who have made a complete recovery only to continue their old way of thinking, and the condition comes back again. This is a self-healing journey so it’s essential to continue changing as you’re healing.

How does this work?

Mary creates a quiet, peaceful space before a healing session – grounding herself, slowing her breath and feeling her feet firmly planted on the floor. She thinks of something to appreciate which opens her heart.

Making an energetic connection with her client, she is able to read their unique energy frequency and see them not in their current state of illness or discomfort, but rather as they really are energetically, healthy and vibrant.

She allows Universal Healing Energy to flow through her to clients and if they are ready to heal, they do.

Sometimes they heal but continue with their old thoughts of “I’m not good enough”, etc., and the old condition reappears. Uh oh! Keep changing this until you see how amazing you really are, then the healing will be permanent.

Other things that can prevent healing or lower our vibration can be watching the news, reading the newspaper, focusing on negative things happening around us, or being with others who focus on negative things.

Mary gives her clients tools to help them change these old thought patterns so they can heal completely. You will learn these tools:

  • How to think with your heart instead of your brain
  • How to use your own emotional guidance scale to know you are on track
  • How to listen to your body for wisdom and guidance
  • How to heal yourself by shifting your energy
  • How to live a life of Connection, Health, Joy, and Vitality!

Clients who use these tools effectively as a daily practice along with Energy Healing, heal and change fast. They transform their lives physically, emotionally and spiritually – getting healthy and staying that way.

People and animals with more chronic conditions may do best with regular sessions to stay on track. Some may require monthly sessions, while some may only need them 3 or 4 times a year. This is determined during the follow-up communication.

Distance Healing

How does this work?

Look at your cell phone. There are no telephone cords but you can still speak with someone in another part of the country or overseas. It works because of energy.

The same thing happens with Distance Energy Healing. Mary’s clients can be across town, miles apart, even thousands of miles, and still receive the benefits. People and animals who live far from Mary love these sessions!

A woman from the east coast who had been experiencing migraines for years contacted Mary. She had tried everything to get relief. After her first session, her migraines became almost non-existent. She now requires only occasional “tune ups” to stay on track. Distance Healing also works well for animals who have experienced traumas, injuries, or abuse.

If your animal friend doesn’t like riding in the car, loading in the trailer, or going to the vet, Spiritual or Energy Healing is perfect. They benefit from the healing no matter where they live.

Distance Healing is great for:

  • Before and after surgery
  • Before and after the birth of your baby
  • Removing toxins after vaccinations
  • Clients who live far away
  • For those unable to travel to Mary’s office
  • People in nursing homes or assisted living
  • End of life care

See Benefits of Energy Healing!

Energy Healing is not a substitute for veterinary or medical care, however, used together accelerates the healing process.