Finding Your Voice

Good morning from LA, this is Mary Lelle and I’m at Roger Love’s event called Voice for Success. I am in one heck of a learning curve. You know, I thought that we all know how to speak, that we all know how to breathe and bring our voice out to share with the world and I’m learning that I’m in an enormous learning curve right now.

You know, when we’re younger, we breathe from our bellies. When we’re little children – do you ever watch, just watch children. They breathe from their bellies, they’re not afraid to stick their stomachs out. And as we become older our breathing changes and we start breathing from really from our lungs, instead of from our belly, bringing our air all the way down into our tummies.

Now, I found out yesterday that when I speak I tend to speak with the air in my upper lungs. And I found myself pushing my words out. And I’m finding out why sometimes people don’t hear what I’m saying. My voice doesn’t carry. So I’m practicing with every breath out, there are words.

Did you know that every time you speak you’re supposed to be pushing air from your belly, up through your lungs, and it comes out of your mouth. And that resonates your vocal chords. So if you’re not being heard in life by your friends or your boss or spouse or anyone – if you can’t stand how your own voicemail sounds, then it’s time to change and find your true voice.

So that’s what I’m doing. I’m on day 3. I’m feeling a little tired because this is energy work. Any time we’re doing something different, we’re changing old patterns and we may feel tired. We may feel like we can’t do it anymore. Like last night I got back to the hotel and I thought to myself, I’m not going back. And the reason for that is, you know, I’m changing a longtime pattern and it served me in many ways. I didn’t have to be heard, I could be small in life and not share my voice, not be seen. Well, I’m changing that and I encourage you to do the same.

It’s really important. We cannot get those things in our life that we have on our goals and our completion list if we can’t change these old patterns.

So, go do it. I’m going to do it today and I’ll check in with you later. Have a great day.

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