Energy Exercise – How to Know What Foods are Right For You

Good Morning! It is early here and I’m about ready to go on a bike ride, about 8 miles. So it’s important that I eat a good breakfast. I’m going to have eggs, but you may have something completely different. Or maybe you don’t even eat breakfast at all.

What I want you to do is to tune in to, really listen, what you body needs and is asking for. You know, we tend to throw in a protein bar or grab a banana on the way. Is that what’s in your highest good for your body to be at its optimum to get you through the day.

I want you to start tuning in to what your needs are. So letting go, not listening to what the media says or what your parents said, what your friends say, your family. Listen to what you need. And not listening with your head because our thoughts can get muddied up. Bring your thoughts and your energy down into your body, down into the area of your heart or maybe in your belly. For me, sometimes it helps to close my eyes. What is in my highest good to eat right now. And sometimes I’ll even imagine this, I’ll try this. Close your eyes and imagine that you’re eating eggs and bacon. Ahh, how does that feel? Does your energy go down? Does your energy go up? If it goes up, that means that that is a pretty good fit for you. If your energy goes down, it kind of feels like a heaviness, for me it feels like a heaviness in my heart or in my belly. That’s a “no” for me.

Now you’ll find your own yeses and nos. With practice you’ll go, “Oh, I had a tingling in my back when it was a yes for me.” So follow that for yourself. You know, we’re just like vehicles. For me, if I have a quarter tank of gas in my vehicle and I want to get to Ohio, it’s not going to work for me. I need a full tank of gas – the same thing for our bodies.

So, again, tuning in, now is a smoothie best for you? A smoothie with coconut water and fresh coconut meat, fruit and maybe a little bit of kale all blended up. Maybe your energy was higher and felt uplifted until I got to the kale part. Fine tune and listen to what is right for you.

Remember, we’re all individuals. Follow your heart and your belly. That energy that’s in the core of your body, not up here (points to head) because we can get confused and our thoughts go, “Oh, maybe I should go this way or that way, try this route or that.” When I go through a grocery store, I’m feeling what the food is saying to me. I’m feeling is there connection or is there discord as I imagine that food in my body.

So, have at it, eat well and I’ll see you next time with more energy tips!

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