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Finding Your Voice

Good morning from LA, this is Mary Lelle and I’m at Roger Love’s event called Voice for Success. I am in one heck of a learning curve. You know, I thought that we all know how to speak, that we all know how to breathe and bring our voice out to share with the world and I’m learning that I’m in an enormous learning curve right now. Continue Reading

Is Your Fear Holding You Back?

Hi, Mary Lelle here. I’m in…I was going to say Madison, Wisconsin, but I’m in Los Angeles, California. I’m in the new Whole Foods store downtown in LA not too far from my hotel. I’m coming here for some food because those of you that know me, know I like to eat pretty well. And those of you that also know me, maybe even a little bit better, know that for years I was afraid to speak in public. Continue Reading