How Language Can Heal Your Body

Welcome, my name is Mary Lelle. I’m an Energy Medicine Specialist and I work with people and animals and I help them shift things in their lives so that they can heal. And one of the greatest ways of shifting things is language. What words do you choose? Language is a very powerful thing. The words that we pick, the words that we choose, the words and phrases that we repeat over and over really affect our lives and I want you to look at that even more. Continue Reading

Got Snow Insanity?

If you’re like me, by the time March rolls around and you’ve shoveled for the 10,000th time, the only answer is to emotionally eat enough butter-drenched popcorn to fill a warehouse. And, yes, I’m still going to be strutting around in my swimsuit in the Caribbean come March. Don’t let the winter munchies stop you from being my buddy at the beach. We can even do reenactments of Bay Watch! Continue Reading

Healing Through Emotional Expression

Emotion – it’s a very charged subject, isn’t it? As little girls and women we’re taught that we need to be nurturing, soft, and soft spoken. And never raise our voices or stand our ground or feel anger, right? And as men, it’s okay to be loud and boisterous and be mad and tell someone that – stand your ground. But it’s not okay to be soft and nurturing. And the problem with that is Emotions are meant to move. Let’s break that word down.

• E stands for energy
• Motion – Energy in Motion

So, yes, our emotions are supposed to move. And when they don’t, they get stuck in our body Continue Reading

How Hope and Belief Can Heal

A few years ago my sister Ellen was dying from cancer. Her body was full of it – it was wrapped around her spinal cord, in her lungs, breast, abdomen, leg, and bones. Her doctor told her to go home, set up hospice, and expect to be dead within three months. He gave her no… Continue Reading

How To Heal When There’s No Hope

Mary’s Story “You’ll be dead in less than a year if you don’t change something”, my naturopathic doctor said.  I sat slumped in her office, barely able to hold my body upright.  Gray-colored skin covered my anemic frame.  Filled with illnesses, viruses, and bacteria, my organs were congested, shutting down.  Looking at my diseased blood… Continue Reading