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Finding Your Voice

Good morning from LA, this is Mary Lelle and I’m at Roger Love’s event called Voice for Success. I am in one heck of a learning curve. You know, I thought that we all know how to speak, that we all know how to breathe and bring our voice out to share with the world and I’m learning that I’m in an enormous learning curve right now. Continue Reading

Is Your Fear Holding You Back?

Hi, Mary Lelle here. I’m in…I was going to say Madison, Wisconsin, but I’m in Los Angeles, California. I’m in the new Whole Foods store downtown in LA not too far from my hotel. I’m coming here for some food because those of you that know me, know I like to eat pretty well. And those of you that also know me, maybe even a little bit better, know that for years I was afraid to speak in public. Continue Reading

How to Find Joy in the Simple Things


I don’t know if you can see the windows on my truck here, but they’re pretty dirty and let’s look at the hood, it should be nice and shiny and it’s pretty grubby. It sits outside of my house during the summer months so that I have plenty of room for my kayaks and bicycles and the cart that my little dog sits in when I pull her behind my bike. There are a lot of things in there that I need for these months. Now, a car wash is great for cleaning things and it also brings me joy. So what little things do you do in your life that bring you joy. For me, it’s going through a car wash and I love, it may sound silly, but I love going in, turning the vehicle off and just going into a state of meditation. And one of my greatest joys is when I’m in the car wash and I get the colored soap, that suds that flies onto the vehicle. It’s like purples and blues and greens. Now I don’t know if this one has it, but we’re going to see. Continue Reading

Energy Exercise – How to Know What Foods are Right For You

Good Morning! It is early here and I’m about ready to go on a bike ride, about 8 miles. So it’s important that I eat a good breakfast. I’m going to have eggs, but you may have something completely different. Or maybe you don’t even eat breakfast at all.

What I want you to do is to tune in to, really listen, what you body needs and is asking for. You know, we tend to throw in a protein bar or grab a banana on the way. Is that what’s in your highest good for your body to be at its optimum to get you through the day. Continue Reading

How Having Fun Can Help You Heal

Hi, Mary Lelle here. I’m taking a painting class tonight and it’s called, “Sunflowers and Wine.” As you can see, here’s my glass of wine, right next to my canvas. You know, we work hard, we work long hours doing chores at home. We probably have this HUGE to-do list and we take care of others before we take care of ourselves. That creates a life that’s out of balance and when our life is out of balance, our body and our cells get out of balance, too. Continue Reading

When Problems are Answered Prayers in Disguise


I want to take you on a tour of my home today. But I want you to know, that this is no ordinary home. This is a magical home, because this home was an answer to my prayer. Not only because it was my dream home. Because when I walked into it, the moment I stepped into it at the open house, I knew it was meant for me. That night, when I was sleeping I had a dream. In the dream, I was already living in this house. I knew where every piece of furniture was going to go, I knew what was in every drawer and every closet. This house was meant for me. And it was also meant for me, and magical, in another way. And here’s the story. Continue Reading

Healing Transformation of Dogs Magnus and Otto

As told by Magnus and Otto’s person, Jen

Magnus and Otto were just dragging. They had very little life left in them. They both were diagnosed with illnesses. Magnus with congestive heart failure and Otto with diabetes and then he developed cataracts with the diabetes, went blind and also developed mitro-valve disease. So the two of them were in rough shape. They were dragging, they were depressed, just not playful, had very low energy when I went on walks with them. They were far behind me and sometimes I had to pick them up and carry them. We went on very short walks if we went at all. It was incredibly sad, it was incredibly heartbreaking and I really didn’t feel like they had a lot of time left in general. Continue Reading

Meditation for Relaxation (at Cahill Creek)

Welcome. This is Mary Lelle and this is a meditation for relaxation to allow you to let go of the worries and cares of the day. This meditation is infused with healing energy. Making it a daily practice will allow you to change things in your life whether they are physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or energetic in any way. I will be quiet now to allow you to go into that state to simply relax and let go. Continue Reading