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May 2011

The Inner Voice – A Talk with Intuitive Healer, Mary Lelle

Interview conducted by Nancy Freier

Following her life-long path of listening to her inner voice, Mary Lelle has become a Transformational Intuitive Energy Healer.  She reports helping facilitate remarkable healings in people and also in animals. Her story is an inspiration and I hope you will enjoy this conversation she and I had recently.

Nancy: How did you become interested in healing work?

Mary: When I was about 5 years old…  read more

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Wisconsin Horseman’s News


A Childhood Message Becomes Manifest through a Dynamic Healing Service by Diane Ludeking

With candid enthusiasm, Mary Lelle sits with her legs folded beside her on the couch, arms orchestrating her story with scratching motions at her stomach.

She is describing a cat that was frantically pulling its hair out and sent to her for energetic healing. Mary performs most of her healing work long distance from her office and when asked how she’s able to facilitate healing without ever physically seeing or touching the cat she explains,… read more