From Dying to Thriving – You Can Heal Too!

Mary Reading to Cat

“You are the beginning of a new wave of energy healers.
I look forward to the day when these ‘miracles’ become commonplace.”
Jane Thomas, Writer and Author – Canada

As a little girl, whenever I asked what I would do when I grew up I would hear my Spirit Guides and Angels joyfully say those words. “You will heal the world and you will heal it with love.”

But I thought, how can that be true? I felt like an outcast, was sick much of the time, depressed, shy, and insecure. I believed there was something wrong with me and I just wasn’t good enough.

Although doctors and medical tests stated illness existed in my body and that it couldn’t be healed, I could feel my body’s wisdom saying it could. I sought answers even though at that time I doubted anyone or anything could help.

I continued asking “will I get better” and began to hear my body answering back with a “yes” as my heart would flutter and lift in my chest.

Through my healing journey, I discovered how holding in old emotional pain causes illness. I started clearing away many years of emotional trauma, and one by one I stopped taking the eleven daily prescriptions that had both rescued me and held me captive for years.

I watched as cancer, auto-immune diseases, thyroid disease, adrenal fatigue, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, digestive disorders and more left my body! I now teach clients how to heal and transform their own lives, and I can teach you, too! 

Helping People and Animals Heal Their Bodies & Transform Their Lives

I know your beautiful, healthy self is just under the surface ready to shine. I can help you and your animal companions.

During sessions I receive words, images and get physical sensations in my own body to let me know that healing is occurring in my clients. These sensations are spontaneous and specific to the healing that is happening and I share this information with you to assist you and your animal companions in achieving a healthy, fulfilled life.


Mary is an Energy Medicine Specialist who works with clients all over the world, helping people and animals heal their bodies and transform their lives. Given less than a year to live, Mary made it her mission to find the answers as to why she got sick. What she discovered astounded her and she now teaches others the secrets to getting healthy and staying that way.

Having healed herself from major illnesses and years of depression, Mary can teach you to do the same through her kind and loving teaching methods. It doesn’t matter where you live, Mary has astounded and helped thousands of clients from around the world. Through step-by-step methods using Healing Energy with Intention, you will discover the healing power that lies within, learning how to shift, transform and ultimately heal anything in your life!


Healing Sessions