Got Snow Insanity?

If you’re like me, by the time March rolls around and you’ve shoveled for the 10,000th time, the only answer is to emotionally eat enough butter-drenched popcorn to fill a warehouse. And, yes, I’m still going to be strutting around in my swimsuit in the Caribbean come March. Don’t let the winter munchies stop you from being my buddy at the beach. We can even do reenactments of Bay Watch!

This is my first time speaking on a cruise ship! While I’ve had fantasies of dancing and singing in one of those cruise ship musical numbers, I decided instead to teach about Energy, Healing, and how we can make shifts within ourselves that benefit our two and four-legged families and the planet. Maybe I’ll even sing the Love Boat theme song for you!

Make your New Year’s resolution your New Year’s intention for the change you’ve been asking and praying for.

Get out of the cold, snow and ice and come to the Caribbean with me!

Watch my Funny Video above for Inspiration.

Intention Training Cruise – Animals as Messengers
When: March 5 – 13, 2016

SPECIAL OFFER Buy 1 Get 50% Off

Book your cruise & register for the retreat and you will get a second program registration at 50% off (cruise prices are as quoted at booking, 50% off pertains to program registration only)

Bring a friend!

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Click this Link to Learn & Relax in the Caribbean:

Your Teachers:
Mary Lelle
Asia Voight
Ana Maria Vasquez
Susanne Peach

What You’ll Learn, Experience and Create:
Personal Healing
Create Global Shifts
Animal Communication
Ocean Healing
Animals as Messengers
Animal Energy Behavior
And so much more…

Get out your planner out and block off these dates, March 3 – 15, 2016.

Leave your winter boots, parka and snow shovel at home.

Really, how often is it that you get to go on a trip and be “out” and
vulnerable with your intuitive abilities with people who share your
outrageous love for the animals and our planet?

Join me in the Caribbean!

Much Love,

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